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As a small country church located on a 3-acre parcel of land in a peaceful rural setting between Crowley, Joshua and Godly, Texas, Fort Victory Baptist Church reaches out to meet the spiritual needs of the community and any who wish to come. FVBC provides solid Bible based teaching and training for its' members.(which also includies teaching on the significance of Israel in the last days).

A venue for members to learn how to read current events in light of Biblical prophecy is also provided. This is done in part through the teachings of Bro. Keith  (Pastor), in his Sermos and Sunday School lessons, and in part from the special guest speakers that come to FVBC (which are hosted by FVBC and the Battalion of Deborah).

To learn more about us, our Beliefs, our Pastor or about the special guest speakers,check out the rest of the website. You can also listen or download Bro. Keith's Sermons, or if you perfer, just click on 'Shepherd's Sword' to read one of his sermons. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please come visit again!

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Check out the web sites listed below (just click on the links) for up-to-date information on Israel and world news, or even visit the website of a Christian College where you can get a degree at home or on campus.


A Judeo-Christian Zionist group which stands for preserving the Biblical  territorial sovereignty of the land of Israel and rebuilding the Temple. Provides up-to-date information on Israel and World Affairs.
Bill Koenig, White House Correspondent, brings Christian news updated  daily at Koenig's International News direct from the White House. News from a Christian perspective.
Its' purpose is the advancing/enhancing Christian-Israeli understanding, communication, and solidarity, as well as being a part of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.
Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary trains Christian leaders/ workers, academically and Spiritually, to serve around the world. Bible Seminary Extension Division brings the Seminary classroom to the local Church, providing the means for the local Church (whether it be here in the states or abroad) to train those called of God into full time service without sending them away to Seminary. Students are prepared to be preachers, missionaries, evangelist, Christian workers, laymen and Bible teachers. Attend classes on campus or  from the comfort of your home through DVD courses. Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary is an Accredited College. Don't wait to continue or complete your Christian education, get enrolled now.